Who is Jean Loup Le Roux?

Hi, I’m Jean Loup P. G. Le Roux, but you can call me JL.

Jean Loup Le Roux Portrait CCC web

After spending a good chunk of my early days dreaming about a highly successful career in IT, it became clear to me that without knowing how to get started, my dream would remain nothing more than that: a dream.

It wasn’t until I moved to Canada 10 years ago and discovered the lucrative field of consulting that things finally started to fall into place for me.

After delivering world-class consulting services to billion-dollar Wall Street firms and Fortune 25 companies and going through the Canadian immigration process myself, I can confidently tell you that with a clear roadmap and the right drive, this is possible for you, too.

Through this process, I’ve built my own personal network of 3000+ headhunters and recruiters in Canada, as well as partnerships with the best immigration advisors authorized by the Canadian government.

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