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Canadian Access Program





“JL is a truly a leader and I’d even say a thought leader.”

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Hello my name is Chris, I work in the information security industry, I’m currently employed at a large financial
firm and I currently hold the title of Vice President in security architecture.

I’ve known JL or Jean Loup for a number of years and we’ve worked on a number of successful engagements. He’s
truly a leader in his craft right, Jean Loup knows his way around multiple tenants of security from authentication to encryption to malware to creating security programs to putting a policy on, all of the the big pieces that an
organization needs to effectively stand up by a comprehensive security program.

Also JL is a very passionate about people. He’s friends with basically everyone, I’ve never heard anybody say anything negative about him. He’s a true leader in that respect he’s able to take his security talents and his people talents right and bring those in to any organization whether it’s for recruiting new talent or setting up new programs or even project managing programs. JL can basically do it all.

I know he has more than 10 years of security consulting experience. He’s worked with a lot of different clients in the financial industry, and worked in aviation, he’s worked with governments. He’s a truly a leader and I’d even say a thought leader in the security space.

That’s what I have to say about JL. He’s truly a superior at his craft and I definitely recommend that anybody who want to to work with him the future, snap him up as quickly as you can because he’s a rare commodity in the field that we work in. Thank you.