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“If you’re considering working with JL, do. It’s absolutely worth it, he really knows his stuff, and he’s way too modest.”

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My name is Deepak Shukla I’m recording this from my flat in London.

If you look me up online I am a SEO agency owner called Pearl Lemon and you’ll also see a bunch of stuff about me on YouTube, TEDx talks various podcast, webinars, and all this kind of stuff. I’ve been on recording this video because I want to just talk to you a little bit about JL and if you’re considering working with him.

Listen to be honest with you I just really want to give you my personal recommendation. You know, in the long period that I’ve known him I found him to be completely no-BS, excellent, he’s hired me to work with him in a couple of instances, and we worked together collaboratively subsequently on other projects.

So if you’re considering getting involved in one of his Programs, working with him in some kind of professional or even personal capacity, I got to know him initially professionally and then subsequently personally. I can only give you my honest recommendation of him, no fluff, no BS all about delivery, extremely gifted when it comes to the space of technical aptitude, as well as one of the experiences he’s had in the corporate sector.

We both come from the corporate space you know, I went off to work at Deloitte and have got a lot of friends that work in the City at various investment banks, hedge funds, etc. So you know JL and I speak the same language.

So really, I just wanted to say that if he’s someone that you’re considering working with him, DO! It’s absolutely worth it he really knows his stuff, and he’s way too modest. All right, thanks guys.