Isaac’s Review of Canadian Access Program





“I am now on the right career path with JL’s help.”

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Hello everyone this is Dun Mao, you can also call me Isaac. I came to Canada from China several years ago and now I’m based in Montreal and work as a senior cyber security consultant for one of the largest banks in the world.

It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend Jean Loup Le Roux as a talented, a passionate and a reliable cyber security expert and career mentor. I have known Jean Loup Le Roux for more than four years actually he was my teammate when we were in the security architecture team of a top-tier global investment bank.

I joined JL’s Montreal Team after finishing my intensive technology training of the firm in New York City. At that time JL noticed that I had good technology background and potential but was not very experienced in interacting directly with high-level clients and internal stakeholders like managers of other teams.

So he first helped find me a role that applies to my strengths and also coached me for interaction with various stakeholders using many effective soft skills. He was really helpful to me and I would say now I’m on the right career path with his help.

Speaking of the Canadian Access Program run by JL, I believe it’s a great Program that can enhance new immigrants adaptability to new environment in Canada and also empower us to build our dream career in a more efficient way.

I’m confident that Jean Loup Le Roux will be reliable and a creative person who can bring you to success in Canada, thank you.