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“You can only admire JL’s passion and capacity to transfer knowledge around him!

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Sylvain Goyette – $9 Billion Media Group

JL’s vision and solid determination to empower teams, is the main reason I consider him to be a great coach and consultant. Mr Le Roux performed his assessment and helped reshape our processes to better protect critical information.

He engaged people from various backgrounds (Legal, Journalists, IT) and levels within our 9B$ group, ultimately delivering reports ready for c-level consumption. JL is also an excellent popularizer; an undeniable asset in this sometimes complex IT environment.

I recommend Mr Le Roux services if your teams need guidance in the complex information protection realm.

Gaëtan Bourgoin – Business Columnist

Mr Le Roux is a recognized expert and leader in his field.

As a conference producer for les Événements Les Affaires, I invited him to join speakers for our cyber security conference. Participants greatly appreciated his intervention. Mr Le Roux has an excellent ability to articulate complex concepts in front of a large audience.

He has proven experience dealing with C-level challenges as well as global corporations.

Robert Fritz – Morgan Stanley Executive Director

Jean Loup is a unique blend of deep technologist, thorough assessor, and dedicated professional. His intuition, driven by experience, guides him to the heart of the business risk of each architecture he reviews.

I could always count on him, even in the most challenging and complex situations to catch every risk, and put in easy to understand terms, ready for executive consumption. His work not only included identification of risk, but on two separate occasions, his guidance was used to create new product offerings by our suppliers, improving not only the Firm’s security, but our vendor relationships.

His work included some of our most challenging and complex engagements, including: O365, Google, Box, Dropbox, and others, and his analysis was of such relevance and depth that it was regularly used by the global CISO, and on occasion forwarded to the Firm’s CIO.

I would work with JL any time, place, or occasion.

Toby Thornton – Morgan Stanley Vice President

Jean Loup collaborated on a project with myself in the capacity of security consulting and did an excellent job of managing expectations, setting accessible goals, providing prescriptive guidance & cloud security expertise, helped to identify security flaws in a complex architecture, and demonstrated an attention to client satisfaction.

Eric Lessard – General Manager PECB North America

We have used the services of Jean-Loup on numerous mandates in both local and international mandates. He is top a tier professional and delivers high quality professional performances that customers want again and again.

Always keeping in mind business objectives, risk related context and overall culture, he provides optimal value added in every single mandate.

Not only is he very much knowledgable in the overall information security spectrum, may it be strategic or technical, but you can only admire his passion for security and his capacity to transfer knowledge around him !