Vishal’s Review of Canadian Access Program

Canadian Access Program





“JL professionally coached me during difficult times in my career.”

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Hi I’m currently working as senior cyber security consultant in a top consulting company in Toronto.

I have known JL for the last couple of years JL has more than 10 years of experience in cyber security consulting world. My journey with JL started couple of years back when we were together in a Wall Street firm. So during this time I have witnessed his talent his expertise and knowledge in the world of cyber security consulting.

So apart from that he also professionally coached me during my difficult time in career so I can I can say that he is really helping not only professionally but personally as well.

When JL shared me about the Canadian Access Program or Canadian Consulting Community, I was really excited because there are two elements of this program which are really important for any newcomers. One is getting into the Consulting world and another one is Immigration.

So I think with the Canadian Consulting Community JL wants to share his experience and knowledge to the other folks in the technology industry. Now Immigration is really complex, even if one succeeds in Immigration now getting a job and getting into the consulting world is another battle. With the Canadian Access Program this two things are packaged in one one program and I haven’t found any such programs here in Canada.

So I think this is really a unique program, it packages two difficult processes or two difficult parts: Immigration and Consulting in one single package and makes the journey really smoother for those who want to come and stay in Canada, just like me.

I thank you for watching this testimonial, and I hope it will help you.